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Family Photo Album

For Family & Legacy

Preserving legacy and capturing voices, shaping a richer future through our stories

Your stories are your legacy. Every life is filled with astounding experiences and epic adventures.. 


Collecting Oral Histories:

Whether you are looking to collect family stories for future generations, or protect and preserve the legacy of your group or company, we can assist you in facilitating interviews that highlight life’s most impactful moments. 

Who we work with:
Personal: Individuals and families, social groups, clubs, and faith communities.
Professional: Businesses, advocacy groups, museums, non-profit organizations. 


  • Raw Audio or Video:  We can create audio or video recordings and hand them off to you for editing. 

  • Transcripts: We can create transcripts of our interviews. 

  • Broadcast Quality Audio: We can partner with some of the best podcast and radio professionals to create edited recordings that can include music and sound effects.

  • Broadcast Video: We can partner with documentary filmmakers to create broadcast quality video.

Public Speaking for Life Events:
We can help you create speeches that honor the important people in your life whether it is a colleague who is retiring or receiving an award, a friend or relative who is getting married, or a loved one who is being memorialized. 

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