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Business People Applauding

For Business

We have worked with people from all kinds of businesses, tech, medicine, sciences, retail, compliance, manufacturing, architecture and media, marketing and  more.


We specialize in creating training that is customized to fit your needs. Whether that is to work with seasoned speakers to help them fine tune their skills or assist people who are nervous about public speaking, we can help.


Coaching for Public Speaking and Presentations: 
Captivate audiences, lead with authenticity and drive success.

We teach workshops and provide one-on-one coaching for:


  • Best practices for presentations: How to craft and deliver presentations that leave people inspired and informed.


  • Best Practices in Public Speaking: Learn how to “work a crowd” and conquer stage fright. Techniques for finding and mitigating verbal tics, learn to sound relaxed and conversational, gain confidence in sharing with your authentic voice.


  • Storytelling for Business: Learn how to leverage storytelling techniques to support and amplify messaging, create connection, and secure buy-in.

How we can work with you: 
Group Classes 
One-On-One Coaching


  • Team Building: Help your team connect with each other through the sharing of personal stories. 

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